The Self-Isolation Pandemic Artist’s Residency Program: CSU Chico

This website is dedicated to the California State University, Chico chapter of the Self-Isolation Pandemic Artist’s Residency Program (SIPARP). This chapter of SIPARP is run by Professor Lauren Ruth for her Advanced and Graduate Sculpture students.

SIPARP was founded by Professor Samantha Fields on March 13, 2020, for her students at California State University, Northridge as a response to the COVID19 Pandemic. Special thanks for Samantha Fields for generously creating the framework and platform for this program.

“Artists Residencies exist to give artists time away from their regular lives so that they can focus on their work. In this perilous time of self-isolation and social distancing, regular life is interrupted. There are no social gatherings, we aren’t going to the movies, we aren’t going to concerts, we aren’t going TO SCHOOL. We are saving, on average, 5 hours a week on commuting time alone. What does this sound like? It sounds like an Artist’s Residency Program. Remember: “Everything will be there when we return.” - Samantha Fields, March 13, 2020


Lauren Ruth |

California State University, Chico

ARTS 470 & 670: Advanced and Graduate Sculpture, Spring 2020

The content on this site has been adapted with permission from Samantha Field's SIPARP website.