Q: Are we still using Blackboard?

A: YES! Please check Blackboard regularly. You will be submitting documentation via our class Google Drive.

Q: What about critique clubs?

A: The CDC recommends social distancing and a minimum of 6 feet between people and the Governor has issues a stay at home order. As such, group crits are cancelled, but I DO recommend that you use Zoom to talk to one another!

Q: Are you also cancelling Art Mart?

A: YES! I want you to focus ALL OF YOUR ENERGY on your work. We can pick this project up later, once this is all over.

Q: I feel like this whole thing might change the course of my work. Can I make work about the COVID-19 Pandemic?

A: This is YOUR WORK. If making artwork about this pandemic is what you want to do, then do it. If making artwork about the current state of affairs helps you to process what it happening, MORE POWER TO YOU. Artists often make work in response to social, political and cultural events. You would join a long lineage of artists who have done the same!

Q: Will the sculpture studios re-open?

A: I don’t think this is likely. We were told to plan for campus to be closed for the next two months.

Q: Is this a real residency program? Can I list this on my resume?

A: YES! Samantha Fields has created this residency and I will be administering our particular chapter of this artist’s residency program FOR YOU. Please list this on your resume as like this:

2020        The Self-Isolation Pandemic Artist’s Residency Program (SIPARP), Chico, CA


This report, which is due at 11:59pm on May 14th, will document 7 weeks spent at SIPARP. It should be turned in as a Google slides presentation. You can also create a presentation in Power Point or Keynote, and simply export it as a PDF. In the report, you must include the following:

1.     Title page: This should have your name and an image of your workspace/studio

2.     Biography: This should be written in the third person and detail the following:

Where you were born, where you live, where you studied and any major accomplishment or exhibitions

3.     Images of your work: This should be the work completed during the residency. You must include the following information with each image:

Title, Medium, Dimensions, Date Completed.

Both overall and detail images for each work.

4.     Concluding Statement:  This should be one paragraph that details what you learned, and how you or your work might have changed in response to the COVID19 Crisis.

SIPARP Mission Statement

The Self-Isolation Pandemic Artist’s Residency Program was founded by Professor Samantha Fields on March 13, 2020, as a response to the COVID19 Pandemic. Artists Residencies exist to give artists time away from their regular lives so that they can focus on their work. At this perilous time of self-isolation and social distancing, regular life is interrupted. There are no social gatherings, we aren’t going to the movies, we aren’t going to concerts, we aren’t going TO SCHOOL. We are saving, on average, 5 hours a week on commuting time alone. What does this sound like? It sounds like an Artist’s Residency Program.

Responsibilities of SIPARP Resident Artists (This is you!)

SIPARP Artists in Residence are required to be self-motivated and self-governing while in residence. This program is specifically designed to give students a chance to “test their mettle” as creative individuals. In reality, this crisis is forcing student artists to make work in a very similar matter to how they will proceed post-graduation. Most working artists produce bodies of work in these same circumstances, but without the whole viral pandemic issue. (ie: alone, and at home.) You will be required to work a minimum of six hours a week on your body of work and complete the SIPARP Report at the conclusion of the residency.

Responsibilities of SIPARP Mentors (This is Lauren!)

SIPARP Mentors are available online for the duration. You may email or message me via Blackboard with questions. Mentors are responsible for scheduling and conducting individual conferences with residents (students) via Zoom, or any other appropriate virtual tool. Mentors will offer feedback on statements, artwork, and the final SIPARP Report. Mentors are here to help residents make the most of their time in SIPARP, and ensure that conceptual rigor is maintained.


Lauren Ruth | lcruth@csuchico.edu

California State University, Chico

ARTS 470 & 670: Advanced and Graduate Sculpture, Spring 2020

The content on this site has been adapted with permission from Samantha Field's SIPARP website.