Sam Goad's Studio

This is my back porch, I've commandeered the table and most of the space to make room for my plaster pieces. The rest of my work is done on my desk in my room.


Brianne Evans' Studio

I have a very limited space in a two room apartment that I share with another human and two cats that f*** with everything. Therefore, everything I work with must be put away into a large pile in my hallway, or into my tool chest. My rickety, wobbly kitchen table has offered a nice surface for my workspace where I’ve been working a lot with my insects(both organic and bronze), found objects, and a lot of hot glue!


Kris Johnson's Studio

My workspace in my apartment is actually my kitchen table. When it comes to the various workspaces I’ve used, I have noticed I like having things close to me and within arms distance. Here I have a box of scrap vellum, inks, paints, pens and gold leaf for working on manuscript pages. I also have a small print press and block prints I can work on to switch around every now and again. Finally next to my table is a book press I use when preparing pages for binding.


Lauren's Studio

Lauren's studio is in her renovated garage. It has a skylight, white walls for mocking up projects, and multiple work surfaces. The studio also has a giant hydro-dipping tank not to be confused with a hot tub.


Lauren Ruth | lcruth@csuchico.edu

California State University, Chico

ARTS 470 & 670: Advanced and Graduate Sculpture, Spring 2020

The content on this site has been adapted with permission from Samantha Field's SIPARP website.